Aaron Ha

Bay Area
CVP Technology (Consulting)

aha@cvp-it.com | 415-374-8827 | LinkedIn Profile

What were you doing prior to working at CVP?

Recruiting! I began my career in recruiting in 2004 for the mortgage industry and from there I’ve been recruiting in the technology space since 2008. I joined CVP in 2013 to take the next step in my IT recruitment career where I currently manage the IT Contract team.

What is your favorite thing about recruiting?

My favorite thing about recruiting would have to be relationships you build with your candidates and clients. It’s such a small world out there and many of the contacts I made a decade ago still keep in touch with me.

What is your favorite hobby?

Sports – watching them on TV, going to games, etc. Unfortunately I need to find a softball team to join so I can actually play again!