Dominique Felix

Bay Area
Fiance & Accounting (Direct Hire ) | | LinkedIn Profile

What where you doing prior to working at CVP?

I began recruiting right after I graduated from college. I like to say that the job found me, and I’ve been in love with it since. Talking to people all day and helping them find their dream job is MY dream job!

What is your favorite thing about recruiting?

When the TIMING is just right or when all the hard work finally pays off. There’s nothing like picking up the phone, finding the PERFECT candidate for a specific role, forming a relationship organically, and everything just falling into place or like fighting through every obstacle thrown at you and closing the deal in the end. It’s just a great feeling knowing that you’re helping people find their next “home”.

When you are not working, what can you be found doing?

Outside of the office, you can either find me plopped right on my couch watching movies, at a concert/comedy show, or on a plane to somewhere new or exotic!